63: Josh has done psychedelic drugs

What People Do

30-05-2023 • 50 min

Josh was an atheist.

But Josh’s mind was blown, in a good way, in experiences where he consumed psychedelic drugs.

Here, he talks about his pre-psychedelic world, his mind shift, how religions might be onto something, and the benefits and dangers of psychedelics in this one.

Let me be clear: In talking to Josh openly about his experiences, I am not recommending anyone follow his path. I’m not telling you it would be good for you, personally, to use particular drugs, or drugs at all. That’s a personal choice for grown adults, folks. Josh uses the drugs to learn things about himself, loved ones and the world, not bliss out at parties. Listen all the way to the end for Josh’s story of one psychedelic experience he had that was a very, very unpleasant one.

If you are toying with the idea of trying out psychedelics sometime in the future, Josh says, as unexciting as it is, you need to do your homework first. Research, research, research. And on that note …

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