66: Escaping abuse and processing trauma: Pamela Topjian writes her personal story

What People Do

20-06-2023 • 35 min

Pamela Topjian published a book last year about her experience escaping an abusive partner and figuring out how she’d wound up there in the first place: I Didn't Come This Far to Only Come THIS Far.

She was once trapped in a terrible marriage. Now, she lives a life she says she never expected to live. How did she get from there … to here?

She tells us.

You can, of course, run off and read Topjian’s book on Kindle. Or you can check out her evolving channel of thinking, hypnotherapy and meditation here on YouTube.

As I say at the end of this episode, I am most excited to read her upcoming book about her experience as a nurse. YAY! Something to look forward to this year!!!