BONUS! Joe Roetheli, PhD, talks about a honeycombed dental treat

What People Do

15-08-2023 • 16 min

The Greenies inventor is at it again … a new dental treat on the market.

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I talk with Joe Roetheli, PhD, about something almost all dog owners buy: treats. Roetheli and his wife, Judy, were the masterminds behind the Greenies dental treat before selling it to a big dog in animal health, Mars, way back in 2006. Now, the serial entrepreneur has designed a new treat, also for dogs, and also for dental health: Yummy Combs.

After selling Greenies most might sail off into the sunset. Nope. Roetheli had more ideas for palatability as well as a honey-comb shape that he says helps scrub the tooth while dogs chew without harming their gums.

Let’s find out how healthy the new treat is, why the world needed another one, and how hard it is to get the Veterinary Oral Health Council stamp of approval for a gingivitis-fighting treat.

But, first, I how the iconic treat Greenies first came about. It's inspiration from an inspirational inventor.

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