75: James Gomes reads this one book again and again

What People Do

19-09-2023 • 45 min

I stumbled onto James Gomes (pronounced "GOHMZ," not "GOH-mez") on Reddit.com, which I have since abandoned as a forum for anything other than dumb questions, confirmation bias and echo chambers.

However, I found a few interesting people along the way, like James. We were both into old books, and I was surprised to hear he'd read and re-read a particular book, like, every year ... for many years.

In this episode, we find out the particular pull of Herman Hesse's Siddhartha for James as well as how a non-reader became a regular and repeating reader at all.

Spend this conversation with us thinking about why you read and whether repeat readings help or comfort you.

Further reading:

  • James writes occasionally online when he's inspired Here's his post about this book.