73: Brendan is making a new podcast

What People Do

22-08-2023 • 7 min

Hey, gang.

I was getting out new episodes of What People Do every Tuesday for a few months. Then my backlog run out Aug. 1.

Surprise! I'm back. Not to tell you the backlog is back and the schedule is back (I am scheduling interviews, and this will keep going), but to say I'm working on a new podcast, too.

This short 7-ish-minutes-long solo ramble covers what this podcast is and continues to be, and how a new podcast is another way to approach conversations.

Watch out for the new one. Continue to enjoy this one. Tell folks you love about it, if you love it. Tell me what's wrong with it, if you have feedback. (It's terrible never to get feedback, positive or negative.)

Enjoy ... talk soon ...