EP. 24 Christy Pratt- Realtime Court Reporter. Teacher. Leader. Mentor.

Ascend Legal 101

07-03-2022 • 40 min

Today I am joined by Christy Pratt who is a visionary business leader and realtime court reporter in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has reported several landmark aboriginal trials and constitutional challenges, many of them exceeding 150 trial days.

Before becoming a court reporter 25 years ago, Christy was a legal assistant and before that she worked in her family’s restaurant business. Christy ran her own court reporting firm in British Columbia for 15 years and she acquired four additional firms over the past 2 years. In July 2021, all five of these firms joined Veritext Legal Solutions who provide services across North America, and Christy is now the vice president for the Canadian Region.

Christy is passionate about mentorship, and she embraces a growth mindset. She works with an executive coach, and her word for 2022 is ‘mindful.’ She finds joy and balance in cooking and travel, particularly when blended together! She will be going to a cooking school in Italy in October with her partner Erik, who lives in Washington State.

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