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Another failed Dubai bro reveals the truth
Another failed Dubai bro reveals the truth
Young lads are drawn to the apparent success that others portray in Dubai, but is it even real? You often see traders offering courses, promising that paying thousands of dollars for their courses will make you as rich as them, but really, why would they offer a course, if they were already rich? The reality is that they wouldn't. This is a similar concept in Dubai, especially on Instagram. Flashy cars, expensive apartments, 7 star hotels and walks around Dubai marina. Is it real? For some, yes, but for most - no. Zac was told to go to Dubai on a commission-only contract, trying to rent out apartments. Sounds dodgy right? It is dodgy, and a really bad move on Zac's behalf, but he's young enough to learn from the mistake, along with now having 20k's worth of debt to his name. Sometimes you've got to make stupid decisions to learn, but hopefully they're not impossible to overcome. Please be pessimistic when somebody tells you about something that seems to good to be true - it usually is. You're probably not going to fly to Dubai, become a high-flying realtor, living in luxury, driving expensive cars. You're probably going to end up like Zac... returning back to your normal job, but with a bucket-load of debt. Zac makes pretty good videos about being an Amazon and Dominos delivery driver, and his audience enjoys watching them, but is this really something Zac wants to do long-term? There lies his choice... stay doing something you don't like, growing your YouTube channel whilst earning... or changing completely and taking another huge risk. Check out Zac's YouTube: Follow Mulvey on Instagram: