April 4, 2022 Monday Hour 3

The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show

04-04-2022 • 59 min

TEN NEW ALBUMS to lead off “Album Tracks Aplenty!” on Tuesday morning’s show! The Vague, Lund brothers, Chuck Oney, @Tina And The Total Babes, Jekyll Wood, Scrunchies, Linnea's Garden, @Sack, Miss Georgia Peach, AND Tamar Berk!  Just a reminder...that is just part of hour one!  The Music Authority LIVE STREAM Show & Podcast...listen, like, comment, download, share, repeat…heard daily on Podchaser, Deezer, Amazon Music, Audible, Listen Notes, Google Podcast Manager, Mixcloud, Player FM, Stitcher, Tune In, Podcast Addict, Cast Box, Radio Public, and Pocket Cast, and APPLE iTunes!   Follow the show on TWITTER JimPrell@TMusicAuthority!

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The Yohawks with Jeremy Gluck - Dead Ghost

The Yohawks with Jeremy Gluck - Episode In A Town

Valetta - Barbarian

Always The Alibi - Remember This

The Color Blew - 03 The Man

The BUGS - 03 - Over You

The Cole Patenaude Band - 04 How To Love [Are You Happy Now]

Hayley and the Crushers - 04 Kiss Me So I Can [Fun Sized] (Rum Bar Records)

@Andy Ketch - 01 Easter Morning

Goombay Dance Band - One Love

@Justine And the Unclean – Vengeance (Rum Bar Records)

Canyons and Locusts - Arms on the Table (Red on Red Records)

KC Bowman - Fresher Tin Villages - 14 Spacegirl [Fresher Tin Villages]

The Amplifier Heads - 02 Rocket Boys [SaturnalienS] (Rum Bar Records)

Kaiser Chiefs - Thank You Very Much [Yours Truly, Angry Mob]