Episode 108 - The Struggles and Triumphs of a Podcast Host

Two Cents Worth

14-05-2024 • 14 min

Welcome to another episode of Two Cents Worth with your host, Ryan DeFaber. In this revealing episode, Ryan shares his reasons for sporadic breaks in his podcast publication schedule and reflects on the role that this creative platform plays in his life.

Ryan candidly discusses the reality of juggling a busy lifestyle while pursuing leisure activities such as podcasting. Balancing his responsibilities as a husband, a father, an entrepreneur, and the host of Two Cents Worth is the cause of delays in releasing new episodes. Ryan acknowledges that his listeners deserve regular uploads and begs their pardon for any inconveniences they may have experienced.

As Ryan continues to introspect on his podcasting journey, he appreciates the dedication required to consistently create engaging content. He ponders over the possibility of introducing a co-host to help with the regular scheduling and asks his audience for their suggestions and feedback regarding this potential change.

Additionally, Ryan talks about the growth and success of Bears Den Gym, his retail business. He invites his listeners to subscribe to the company's mailing list and support his goal of helping the business thrive and continue offering quality gym wear and casual clothing.

In this episode, Ryan reaffirms his value for the Two Cents Worth community and promises to continue prioritizing the podcast while juggling other life commitments. Listen in as he shares his journey in a deep, transparent, and personal episode that reveals the behind-the-scene realities of hosting a podcast.