Ouça sem anúncios



Can a man who discovers he is the embodiment of Death, alter his destiny?

A phone rings in a darkened room. Dazed, Galen Altos wakes to a caller’s urgent plea, “Get out of there now!” In the dim early morning light stealing through the drapes, Galen notices his blood-covered hands and realizes there is a woman in the bed next to him, naked and still–and very dead. Sirens wailing, the police arrive, but Galen’s blank memory has no recollection what has happened, how he got there or even who he is.

Forced to escape from the cops, Galen is rescued by a man and woman who claim to be his long-lost brother and sister. Through a well-worn and old book entitled “Badlands”, the pair reveal to Galen his true identity and his murderous past. For Galen, this is his final chance to salvage what little humanity is left inside him after countless lifetimes of bloodshed, but can he actually change all of their destinies from forever repeating their endless cycles of violence or will the dark forces that desire to keep Galen on his path, including the mysterious Briar Ghent, stand in his way of breaking the family curse once and for all?

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