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How To Become a PILOT in Pakistan ft. Aviation Geeks
How To Become a PILOT in Pakistan ft. Aviation Geeks
🪧 Introduction to the EpisodeIn this podcast, we are discussing the Aviation studies in Pakistan. Scope of becoming a Pilot and which institutions are offering these programs. We discussed aviation management studies, aeronautical engineering and multiple departments in aviation. Also recent Karachi crash of PIA airplane is being discussed in the end of a podcast. 📝 About Honourable GuestMohammed Bilal Qureshi is aviation enthusiasts and founder of @Aviation Geeks He is bachelors in Aviation Management and running a podcast channel called “aviation geeks” where he shares everything related to aviation. Instagram:💵 Support Us on Patreon 03335555245📱Social Media HandlesMain Channel:📖 Chapters of the Podcast0:00 Intro0:30 Guest Intro7:36 What is AviationGeeks?9:00 How to become a pilot?14:41 Expenses of Becoming a pilot15:34 Grind after CPL21:51 Multi Crew Pilot License (MPL)26:26 How much time it will take to become a pilot?28:27 Becoming a pilot in USA33:10 Departments in Aviation36:00 Institutes offering aviation courses 42:07 What is Aeronautical Engineering?45:17 Views about PIA 55:12 Karachi PIA Crash 1:02:05 What is Mayday?1:04:00 Aviation Movies suggestion 1:06:00 Feedback for Salman Imdad1:07:56 Support Our channel1:08:40 Outro