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S2 Ep 9: The Push for a Timber Olympics
S2 Ep 9: The Push for a Timber Olympics
The Paris Olympics in 2024 are aiming to be the most sustainable games in Olympic Games history. One way they are achieving their sustainability goals, which align with the Paris Agreement, is using timber in construction.To ensure the Brisbane Olympic Games achieve similar environmental milestones to Paris, several strategies must be implemented. We need to prioritise the use of timber in our construction projects. This involves not only the games' facilities but also surrounding infrastructure such as transport systems and accommodation facilities. By opting to use timber, we can ensure that the games serve as a symbol of Australia’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world.Timber Queensland is leading the fight for a greener games by actively raising awareness about the benefits of timber use in the Brisbane Olympic Games through targeted campaign. They are pioneering public discussions, launching educational initiatives, and fostering strategic partnerships to drive their message home. On the 22nd of August, Timber Queensland hosted a Timber 2032 Forum, where they engaged with key stakeholders in the construction industry, architects, parliamentarians, and government bodies, to highlight the environmental advantages of timber over traditional construction materials.For this episode, we are joined by Clarissa Brandt, the Strategic Relations & Communications Manager of Timber Queensland to discuss further.If you have any questions for Clarissa, please contact Timber Queensland by emailing admin@timberqueensland.com.au