Anything is Possible!

Beautifully Restored

15-02-2021 • 34 min

Imagine going through life with no vision at all in one eye, and only a small pin hole size of vision in the other. Now imagine that and playing in a Division 1 NCAA football game surrounded with 250 pound grown men rushing at you.

That's exactly what Aaron Golub did. Aaron was the 1st legally blind athlete to play in a division 1 NCAA football game. He started playing football in 7th grade and had the dream of playing division 1 football in college someday. It was an impossible dream to many. Yet, with grit and determination, he went on to play at Tulane College in New Orleans as a long snapper.

Now Aaron has a mission to impact multitudes of people and help them overcome their limiting beliefs. As a motivational speaker, a podcast host and a guest on many shows, he shares his unique story of hard work and focus to prove that anything is possible!

Check out his website: and his podcast "Blind Ambition".

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