A Caring Look into Mental Illness and Addiction

Beautifully Restored

08-02-2021 • 56 min

I had no idea how riveting this conversation would be.  I knew very little about Archie when I booked the podcast.  All I knew was that he referred to himself as a “recovering Southern Baptist minister”, he is known as “The Feelings Guy” and he has a husband and a son.  Due to my own background in the Baptist church, I knew I would find this conversation interesting.

But it was way more than that.  To hear from him,  his perspective of what it was like to grow up in a conservative, southern small town and church and to know he was gay and would not be accepted was difficult to hear.  It’s a perspective though, that needs to be heard.

The torment and anguish he felt as a young boy and then going into adulthood, was so severe that it drove him to drug use and ultimately to becoming an addict.  He overdosed many times and nearly died.  It was then that he decided to take control of his life.

You don’t want to miss this very honest and open conversation that we had and it is surely one that I will never forget.

Check out Archie’s website: www.archiecares.com to learn more about him and the message he brings to audiences nationwide.

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