It's Okay to NOT be Okay

Beautifully Restored

25-02-2021 • 48 min

A pastor, entrepreneur, author, coach, father, and husband....this guy does it all!  The more I have gotten to know Jeremy, the more I think we are the same person!

What I loved about this conversation was the transparency and truth that he is willing to speak, even as a pastor, of how difficult it can be to walk this journey called life.  Jeremy says out loud, what many of us are thinking but afraid to come out and say.

Growing up in a church that made you feel like "it's not okay to be not be okay", Jeremy talks about the power in being able to admit "I'm not perfect, I'm struggling, and I need support."

Author of the award winning book, "Life 45: 4 Simple Steps to Keep Promises to Yourself and Take Your Life Back", Jeremy and his wife, Francene have found a way to help others find victory in their journey to better health and overall success.  This is a great resource for those who have struggled to stay committed and experience long lasting change.  This book can be found on Amazon and Jeremy can be found on Instagram @jeremycandelaria1

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