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Cassidy Ford

Throwing forks and shouting obscenities at a potential franchisee don't usually close a deal, but Cassidy Ford is anything but usual. Cassidy has Tourette Syndrome and a nerd-level love for the franchise world. Over the years, she has encountered the collision between her personal and professional worlds and learned to live a life of joy and vulnerability amidst the blurred lines. Join Cassidy in a conversation about franchising, the challenges of Tourette's, and becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. read less


The Franchise Ticker Is Born: Michelle Rowan Asks The Questions
The Franchise Ticker Is Born: Michelle Rowan Asks The Questions
In the inaugural episode of The Franchise Ticker podcast, Michelle Rowan, President & COO of Franchise Business Review, turns the tables on our host Cassidy Ford and asks the real questions about what it's like living with Tourette Syndrome, beating the odds and thriving in the franchise world.Cassidy and Michelle discuss a universal truth: no matter how hard we may try, our professional and personal lives will collide, and frequently. For Cassidy, the impact is unavoidable--she has no control over the noticeable vocal and motor tics caused by her Tourette's. The Franchise Ticker is a way to embrace (and encourage) the collision. What could franchising be in 10 years if we do?The initiative is founded on 5 key, action-oriented principles:We, as a community, are here to normalize vulnerability and connection in both work and life.We collectively encourage women to embrace their inner badass.We build up new generations in the franchise space through mentorship and leadership by example.We champion diversity, equity and inclusion in franchising, including the queer community, individuals of all different abilities and people of color.We seek to shatter social stigmas about Tourette's and mental health issues, especially in the professional realm.To watch the video podcast, visit The Franchise Ticker YouTube Channel and subscribe!Franchise Business Review is the leading market research firm in the franchise industry specializing in franchisee satisfaction and performanceVisit to learn more about Tourette Syndrome. You can also find information about franchising here.