Holding On When You Can't Let Go with Sheila Walsh Ep. 190

Make Life Matter with Angela Donadio

10-08-2022 • 31 min

While the Make Life Matter podcast is on a summer break, enjoy this repost of one of my favorite episodes!

“Fair doesn’t live here but Jesus does.” Sheila Walsh is a bestselling author who’s sold almost six million books. She served as the co-host of a national television program and a core speaker on the wildly popular Women of Faith touring event with millions attending. But what most don’t know is that when Sheila was 5 years old, her father suffered a brain thrombosis that changed him from a fun, kind dad to an angry, unpredictable, abusive stranger, who would spit in her face and pull her hair out - he eventually committed suicide. Even as a successful tv host, author and speaker, Sheila battled clinical depression and at her lowest point spent a month in a psychiatric hospital for suicidal thoughts and depression. In her new book, Holding On When You Want to Let Go, Sheila talks openly about how the global pandemic magnified and exacerbated her struggles, and how she continues to hold on to hope each day.