Let’s talk about telling your partner you’re pregnant

Oh Mama

17-11-2022 • 21 min

In episode 2 of Oh Mama, we’re diving in on story-time about how I told my partner James I was pregnant! In fact, I’m not just telling you, can can listen to it first-hand - cause your gal is sneaky and set up her phone to record his reaction as it happened!

Every partner/hubby/boyfriend/significant other is different - and I’m guessing no two reactions are the same when they find out they’re going to be a parent. James’ reaction didn’t surprise me, it did make me lol a little, but it was very true to him.

If you’re a mama, I’d love to know - what was your partner’s reaction like when you told them you were pregnant?

In this episode, we talk about:

  • My week 7 pregnancy update
  • How much bigger my boobs have gotten already (and how painful they are!)
  • How I told my partner I was pregnant
  • How I felt in the lead up to telling him we were having a baby
  • James’ reaction to finding out he was going to be a dad (real-time!)

Today’s Oh Mama Mantra: "No matter how hard things get, I know I am strong enough to do hard things."

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