Lessons from a global adventurer - upgrading your travel | Ash Bhardwaj on SECOND MIND

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04-03-2020 • 1 hora 3 min

We dive into the experiences and learnings of Ash Bhardwaj, a travel adventurer, writer, film-maker and storyteller who explores the world with curiosity and excitement. He has written for The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Huffington Post and has produced programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC.

Just to name a few of his accomplishments, he has: - Travelled 8500km through 11 countries along Russia's European border. - Retraced WW2 secret missions through Albania’s mountains on foot. - Walked 800km through India on the tv documentary ‘Walking The Himalayas’.

- And walked 1100km through Uganda and Sudan with Levison Wood on the documentary Walking The Nile.

On our show, the adventurer gives his advice on how to gain richer adventure experiences that allow travellers to gain deeper insight and understanding of local environments and communities. We explore how he broke into the travel and adventure industry, picking up key tips for others to follow a similar path. Ash recounts the fascinating experiences he gained whilst travelling 8500km overland from the top of Norway to Romania, exploring former Soviet countries and their neighbours. Our guest gives his insights into how geopolitical tensions and events impact the real grassroots communities on the frontlines of change.

We also delve into his incredible journey with Levison Wood on the documentary Walking The Nile. In our conversation, we discuss the ethical and moral dilemmas of the travel industry in an age of increasing environmental and social pressures. Our guest drops some great insight on travelling alone, keeping motivated through tough travel experiences and the value of walking as a tool for discovery. If you are looking to upgrade the way you travel and gain the most from your adventures, then this conversation will serve you well.



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