Unlocking your inner power to break through fear | Jon Boys on SECOND MIND

Second Mind

29-10-2019 • 1 hora 18 min

Our guest for this episode is a former RAF communications specialist and professional engineer Jon Boys, who empowers people to break through their limits using fire walking. After a self-proclaimed ‘nervous breakthrough’, Jon started his own personal development company and trained as a firewalking instructor. Running his own workshops across the UK he has helped transform the lives of countless people through the fire walking process, providing a catalyst for individuals to find their inner strength and work through fear.

In our conversation, we talk about the pressures and stress that led to Jon experiencing his ‘nervous breakthrough’, which sparked a deeper interest in personal development and self-care. We talk about the relationships between leadership roles in society and practising individual vulnerability. Jon shares his perspectives on allowing self-worth/love in every stage of your individual journey. We talk through Jon’s changing relationship to fear and he gives insight on how people can create fears and limiting beliefs that do not serve them. We discuss how people are able to uncover the power that is inside every one of us at our core using different techniques. Jon shares his perspectives on the relationship between money and happiness, and details daily techniques he uses to live a more fulfilling life with nature and gratitude. He also details his challenges with mental health and how he currently maintains his personal wellbeing.



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Second Mind Episode: 4


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