Your Thriving Self

Paola Hernandez

Your Thriving Self The Podcast is a show for women who are ready to become their thriving selves and live their dream lives. In this seasonal podcast, you will learn, cry and laugh your way back home to yourself. Your host Paola Hernandez, went from depressed to thriving and quit her 9-5 as a dental hygienist to pursue her passion as a transformational coach full-time. She is going to teach you how to bridge the gap between who you currently are and who you know you have the potential to be. This is a refreshing, straight-to-the-point podcast without the fluff, welcome home. read less
Become Your Thriving Self in 2023: How to make this the best year of your life.
Become Your Thriving Self in 2023: How to make this the best year of your life.
JOIN YOUR THRIVING SELF ACADEMY IN 2023 -> In this podcast episode I talk about the top three lessons I learned in 2022 so that you can integrate these lessons as well: Lesson #1: You need to have deep/rest reflectionLesson #2: Do the things that align with your authentic self.Lesson #3: Remember that you always have what you need. I also talk about the things you should do have the the most transformational year of your life: Set an intention for the new year, and keep it somewhere you can look at daily.Make time to reflect on 2022 before the new year starts.Do some type of somatic release (body work).Get clear on what you are leaving behind in 2022.Live in alignment with your authentic self.Prioritize yourself, stop people pleasing and start setting boundaries.Gauge your capacity every day.Don’t sabotage your year or your goals.Make sure you give yourself enough time to achieve your goals.Give yourself enough time to accomplish your goals.Get support from a coach, mentor or a community.  Journaling Prompts to Review Your Week: What were my wins for the week?What are my lessons from things that didn’t go quite as well?Any projects or tasks I completed?Any pending tasks?Did I stick to my plan and stay organized?How much progress did I make on my yearly goalsWhat (quote, affirmation or anything else) kept me inspired?Any area of life or skill I improved in?What action or habit am I proud of?How much did I read?What made me happy?What made me stressed, unhappy or angry?Anything I did to take care of my physical body?What am I grateful for the most this week? Send me a DM on instagram, I would love to hear from you and what you thought about this podcast episode @itspaohernandez If you haven't already please give this podcast your honest review, it helps with the health of this podcast ❤️