Episode 20: The Other Scary Seven Letter Word... Therapy!

My Divorce Planner™

14-11-2022 • 1 hora 25 min

Divorce is a scary seven letter word. It comes with a rollercoaster of emotions that are sometimes hard to process. In today's episode host Jon Peyton is joined by Dr. Ryan Carboneau, a licensed practicing therapist, to demystify the other scary seven letter word...Therapy! Dr. Ryan specializes in a number of areas like individual therapy, couples therapy, sex positive therapy, and trauma therapy. Dr. Ryan shares his nearly 20+ years of experience helping people process trauma, like the trauma you experience when you go through a divorce. Discover some golden nuggets you can use to help you process your trauma!

Should you need one on one support to process your trauma Dr. Ryan is available for in-person and telemed visits at Northern Virginia Therapeutic Services!

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