A Conversation with Theresa Rogers

Classroom Caffeine

03-01-2023 • 26 min

Dr. Theresa Rogers talks to us about politics in the lives of young people, adolescents’ multimodal responses to the world, and engaging young people in critical literacies to help them prepare for unknown futures. Dr. Rogers is known for her work in the areas of adolescent/youth literacies and critical perspectives on literature teaching. Her recent articles and the book, Youth, Critical Literacies and Civic Engagement: Arts, Media and Literacy in the Lives of Adolescents, focus on the critical and creative work of youth across communities and schools -- a multi-year study located in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently working  on a  project on spatiality, mobilities and critical literary interpretation. She is a Professor of Language and Literacy Education at the University of British Columbia where she teaches courses in adolescent literacies and literature teaching and continues to conduct research with teachers and youth. Her work can be found at https://ubc.academia.edu/TheresaRogers

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