A Conversation with Shea Kerkhoff

Classroom Caffeine

28-03-2023 • 26 min

Dr. Shea Kerkhoff talks to us about literacies in the disciplines, an inquiry stance, and authentic learning. She is known for her work in disciplinary literacies, adolescent literacy instruction, and literacies in global contexts. She utilizes mixed methods to investigate critical, digital, and global literacies. Her research centers on integrating inquiry-based global learning with adolescent literacy instruction. She is co-author of Read, write, inquire: Disciplinary literacy in grades 6-12 with Drs. Hiller Spires and Casey Medlock Paul. Her forthcoming book, Critical perspectives on global literacies: Bridging research and practice, co-authored with Dr. Spires is currently in press with Routledge Publishers. Dr. Kerkhoff serves as Going Global, Inc.'s Education Director and affiliated faculty with the Show Me Literacies Collaborative. Dr. Shea Kerkhoff is an Assistant Professor of literacy and secondary education at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. You can connect with Shea at https://sheakerkhoff.weebly.com/.

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