A Conversation with Amy Vetter and Melissa Schieble

Classroom Caffeine

11-04-2023 • 34 min

Drs. Amy Vetter and Melissa Schieble talk to us about teacher agency, community, and critical conversations. A third scholar, Kahdeidra Monét Martin, is also involved in their recent research. Amy is known for her work in understanding how classroom interactions impact developing reader and writer identities as well as teacher identities, the role of critical conversations in educational settings, and the impotence of learning from the writing identities of young people. Melissa is known for her work on analyses of power, privilege and oppression in fiction for youth and in classroom discourse. Together, with Kahdeidra, they have published multiple research articles on the topic of critical classroom conversations as well as the book Classroom Talk for Social Change: Critical Conversations in English Language Arts, published in 2020 by Teachers College Press.

Resources mentioned in this episode: NCTE Intellectual Freedom Center

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