A Conversation with Karen R. Harris

Classroom Caffeine

14-02-2023 • 58 min

Dr. Karen Harris talks to us about Self-Regulated Strategy Development, elements of and strategies for writing instruction, and how social inequities can influence learning. Dr. Harris is best known for developing the Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) model of strategies instruction. Her research, which has primarily been conducted in under-served schools, focuses on effective instruction for complex learning areas. Karen has conducted research on the SRSD model of instruction for learning to write, as well as close reading to learn followed by writing to inform or persuade among students in inclusive classrooms. Self-Regulated Strategy Development has been deemed an evidence-based practice by the Institute of Education Sciences’ What Works Clearing House and there are now over 200 studies of SRSD for writing across several countries. Dr. Karen R. Harris is Regents Professor Emeritus and Research Professor at the Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University.

Resource list mentioned in this episode: https://www.classroomcaffeine.com/s/SRSD-resourcesinfo-list-11823.docx

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