Discerning God's Voice with Laurie Fowler

Hope Unyielding

22-04-2021 • 35 min

Laurie Fowler was content with her quiet life in rural Maine with three kids, twenty acres of land, and a garden. So when her husband returned from an unexpected trip to Ecuador with a strong calling to go back as a missionary, her heart resisted. In lieu of a tenth wedding anniversary vacation, she reluctantly accompanied her husband to Ecuador to experience the country. On this trip, she had a powerful encounter with God in an airplane flying over the Amazon River, in which he assured her not only that this was his plan for her, but that she would be happy. Laurie and her family lived in Ecuador for fourteen years as missionaries, and God was faithful to his promise in the airplane. And ultimately, He showed her that he always has something better planned for us than we could imagine.

Laurie is a follower of Jesus and has used her gifts in her roles as wife, mother, grandmother, writer, Bible teacher, speaker, musician, missionary, pastor’s wife, small group host, mentor, and friend. She enjoys walking in all seasons, hospitality, reading, and quiet early mornings observing how God works in everyday life through what she observes out her kitchen window. You can find her observations and encouragement on Instagram.