An Atheist's Journey to Christ with Veronica McDonald

Hope Unyielding

25-03-2021 • 49 min

Writer and artist Veronica McDonald shares her journey from atheism to becoming a follower of Jesus. Her story is one of beautiful transformation, and whether you are a Christian, an atheist, or an agnostic, there’s something in here for you today!

Veronica McDonald is a published fiction writer, poet, artist, and editor, with an M.A. in Literature. Veronica became a born-again Christian in July 2016 when Jesus saved her from anxiety, depression, and a nihilistic worldview. In 2019, Veronica started a literary and art journal called Heart of Flesh, where she publishes Christian-themed literature, poetry, art, and photography from writers and artists around the world. She just recently began working on editing and publishing a literary magazine for children, called Pure in Heart Stories. Veronica currently lives in Mobile, Alabama with her husband and three children.  Check out her work at

Veronica’s story points so clearly to the goodness and beauty of Jesus, and I want to get her story out to as many people as possible! So if you have a minute, please share this episode on your favorite social media platform.