When You Don't Feel God's Love

Hope Unyielding

29-07-2021 • 10 min

"A person can never satisfy you; only Jesus can do that!" I've received this response countless times over the years when I've expressed my desire for a spouse.

This answer always left me frustrated. I knew that a person couldn’t meet my deepest needs, but after years of following Jesus, I couldn’t say I felt that He was meeting my needs either. This satisfaction in Christ that my well-meaning mentors and friends spoke of seemed mysterious and unattainable, something they had experienced but I just couldn’t crack the code for.

Looking back, I think this frustration largely stemmed from a faulty understanding of what satisfaction in Christ should look like in my everyday life. In this short episode, I’m tackling a myth I believed about what satisfaction in Christ should look and feel like in my life, the myth that being satisfied in Christ meant I would always feel His love and presence.

This is part 2 in a 3-part series on myths I’ve believed about what it means to be satisfied in Christ when earthly desires go unfulfilled. Click here to listen to part 1. This series is an adaptation of my eBook, Unsatisfied, which you can download for free here or on my website.

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