Turning 30 & Being Single

Hope Unyielding

13-05-2021 • 50 min

In part 2 of our conversation on why you don't have to freak out about turning 30, Corinne DuBois, Greg Dubois, Samantha Vocarte and I talk about being single at age 30 and the unique struggles, joys, and unmet expectations we've had in our singleness.  We also talk about the joys of being single, singleness in the American church, and most importantly, what it means to follow Jesus in our singleness.

If you haven’t listened to part 1, "Turning 30 & True Success," make sure to check it out both since it’s a great conversation and so you have the context for some of our running jokes. Because we talk about Corinne’s love of horses. A lot.

About my outstanding guests:

Corinne DuBois is a redheaded piano tuner with a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Mountains, lakes and forests are, to her, God’s cathedrals. When she is not tuning pianos or spending time with friends and family, she’s usually hatching plans for adventure. She attended college in NYC and earned a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics. Two years later, she stepped past her first white blaze on the Appalachian trail, knowing only the weight of her pack, hardly dreaming of the invaluable and sometimes difficult truths she would learn about herself, her fellow wanderers, and God. Listen to her story of the Appalachian Trail here!

Greg DuBois grew up with his triplet brother and sister Ethan and Corinne in Upstate New York. After graduating from The King's College , he moved to China and has lived there ever since. After spending one year working in Ningxia Huizu Autonomous Region in Northwest China, he moved to Shanghai to study for a Master's degree in Intercultural Communication at Shanghai International Studies University. After graduating in 2017 he continued on at SISU as a Lecturer, focusing on English language classes, as well as intercultural training and education. Greg spends most of his time teaching, coaching debate, playing frisbee, or otherwise spending time on campus with students, as that is where his primary passion lies--to serve and develop the SISU student community. Having spent almost all of his 20s living abroad (and most of it single), one topic which often occupies his mind is how to live well as a single person in a country and culture which is not his own.

Samantha Vocarte is a writer, artist, and small business owner living in Upstate NY. She has worked in Communications for over eight years, and shares her intimate (and often comical) journey with God through the written word…we love each other a lot so it’s messy and fun. She is an avid traveler, songwriter, language learner, and fitness junkie. Listen here for another episode with Samantha and me.

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