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Soul of Books Podcast

07-09-2021 • 51 segundos

Hey guys, Welcome to the Soul of Books Podcast. The weekly podcast is dedicated to everything book-based in byte-sized chunks. I am your host, Fathima, and each week I will be giving reviews about the selected book for the week.

Do you prefer to read a book or listen to an audiobook than socializing?. Then you are at the right place. I will be covering Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller genres.

Join me as I break down themes, plot, characters, and my thoughts. Also heads up, I will also be giving additional book recommendations for the selected genre each week.

So make sure to follow, subscribe to be notified when the episodes drop, and in the meantime come over to our social channels and say Hi.

Instagram: @soul_of_Books_Podcast

Facebook: Soul of Books Podcast

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