Slace1 Stories- Harshitha R "SuperMom"

Coffee in a Breakroom at Ceptes

08-12-2022 • 22 min

Today we talk to our employee Harshitha R, alias "SuperMom" working for us out of Tumkur, who helped bring our product Slace1- the Slack Superapp to life. As this is a non-technical podcast, we're gonna keep our conversations personal and wholesome. For those intriguied by Slace1, please feel free to check out our technical podcast: Coffee in a Boardroom at Ceptes

Here's to us addressing the work-life balance for Ceptes Software, breaking stereotypes like "efficiency can't be obtained by working from home". Thank you for checking us out, if you're a Ceptesian, please feel free to drop your thoughts in the textbox below. After all, this podcast is dedicated to you :)

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