Ginny Kochis shares Strategies for how Catholic Moms can individualize their parenting approach for Neurodiverse kids

True Presence: Helping Overwhelmed Catholic Moms Find Focus, Clarity, and Connection | a Catholic Podcast

04-04-2023 • 34 min

Ever feel like the typical parenting strategies don't work for your family?  Chances are good that you have at least one kid who is a little differently wired.

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This wonderful interview with Ginny Kochis of Not So Formulaic is about embracing our kids' individuality and finding the tools we need to parent them for the way God made them.

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In this episode, Ginny shares her personal journey and experiences as a Catholic mom raising neurodiverse kids. She talks about the challenges she faced when her first child was diagnosed with autism and how that led her to start a ministry for differently wired families. Ginny emphasizes the importance of accepting and embracing the uniqueness of each child while also building executive function skills to help them navigate daily tasks.

Ginny offers valuable insights into parenting differently wired kids, highlighting the need for moms to take care of themselves and find respite care. She advocates for cultivating an appreciation for the mysterious in faith and focusing on mercy and grace when approaching faith formation. Ginny draws inspiration from the life of St. Zelie Martin, who faced her own struggles with anxiety and depression, making her a relatable figure for moms on this roller coaster journey of parenting.

If you're a Catholic mom raising neurodiverse kids and looking for support and resources, join Ginny's Facebook group, where you'll find a supportive community of like-minded parents. Check out her blog for free information on various aspects of parenting differently wired kids, and explore her paid resources, including workbooks, masterclasses, and family toolkits for handling anxiety and fostering growth mindset.

Whether you're a Catholic mom or just interested in learning more about parenting neurodiverse kids, this podcast offers valuable wisdom and support from Ginny Kochis, a compassionate and relatable Catholic mom.