Episode 173: Darcy LaPier: From Hollywood to Holistic Horse Care

Cannabis Tech Talks

28-03-2024 • 36 min

When Darcy LaPier broke her neck loading a horse trailer, she didn’t know if she would ever ride again. Nearly twenty years later, she’s a competitive barrel racer, an entrepreneur, and a fierce advocate for the soothing powers of CBD. To quote LaPier, she has “lived many lives” over the years, traveling the world as a model and actress and creating television shows as an executive producer. These days, she spends much of her time crafting CBD creations with her team at LaPier Bioscience or Rodeo Girl CBD.

From her unique line of Healthy Heart CBD Horse Treats to her Silver Horse Equine and Bovine Supplements, she’s finding novel ways to treat large mammals with alternative medicines. Find out how she sees CBD in action with thermal imaging and why she feels education is key to CBD’s success in this equine-themed episode.

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