The Best of Charlotte

Epic Journey Media

We're re-branding Small Business Journeys as The Best of Charlotte podcast! A new launch will happen in the coming weeks, with new episodes and interviews with more of the best small businesses in the Charlotte area. More updates soon! ~Jeff This podcast is dedicated to sharing the stories of successful small business owners and entrepreneurs. The goal of this podcast is to provide practical information and hopefully a lot of inspiration for those who aspire to become their own boss, and for existing small business owners. My guests will range from highly successful freelancers to multi-enterprise entrepreneurs who will share their inspirations, strategies, tactics, insights, and the challenges of starting and growing a successful small business. Most interviews are conducted in-person with small business owners near my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. However, occasionally I'll venture to other cities to meet with successful small business owners who are making a big impact in their area. I'll work hard to bring you great content, and I hope you'll enjoy this podcast! read less