58 Interview with Louise Brogan

Zero Lives Left Business, Career & Life Podcast

31-03-2022 • 42 min

In this episode I chat with Louise Brogan who's a LinkedIn Trainer. Louise is an international speaker and podcaster who talks to audiences about why, how and when they should be using LinkedIn in business.

In this episode we chat about top ways to stand out on LinkedIn. Louise shares top tips for:

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Career Movers

Louise shares her four pillars of using LinkedIn - optimising your profile, building a valuable network full of potential clients and customers, creating content that raises your visibility and the golden ticket to winning business on LinkedIn - how to use the messaging feature without spamming or being sleazy.

We chat about new features coming to LinkedIn & the benefit of having a LinkedIn company page for your business. Louise shares some fantastic tips on how to raise your visibility to grow your network across LinkedIn.

Louise is also running a 'Build your LinkedIn Strategy Workshop in Dublin on 27th of April more details can be found here if you'd like to grab a ticket.

Promises to get a great opportunity to learn more.  Don't miss it

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