52 Interview with Aaron Watson

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10-06-2020 • 47 min

In this episode I chat with Aaron Watson, Telephone On Hold Marketing, Voiceover, Audio Branding, Media Professional.

For several years, Aaron has been delivering his distinctive and clear Northern Irish Voices for radio, TV, and advertising. Aaron specializes in telephone voiceovers for businesses in NI.. onhold marketing, auto attendant and so on.

Working with clients all across the UK, Ireland and Europe. Aaron is one of Northern Ireland’s very few full-time voice artists working from his very own voice studio, located just outside Belfast.

We kick off by chatting about Aaron's business journey and challenges along the way. Aaron shares an open and honest insight into this word as well as how he has been using Social Media in particular LinkedIn for this business.

Aaron is a big ambassador of Northern Ireland PLC or 'Our Wee Country' as he calls it and the importance of helping others and giving back along the way.

Our chat ends by Aaron sharing some super useful tips for businesses on how to 'keep plugging'

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