57 Interview with Peter Doak PDG Advertising

Zero Lives Left Business, Career & Life Podcast

11-01-2022 • 58 min

In this episode I chat with Peter Doak from PDG Advertising based in Northern Ireland.

PDG Advertising launched in  2015 as  a creative and results focused digital marketing agency, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our focus for a positive ROI for customers is our guiding light in delivering an Exceptional Digital Marketing Experience.

We kick off the episode finding out a little about Peter's background and his reason behind setting up PDG - Peter chats about why simplification in digital is so important especial for the customer considering using digital advertising as a way to get in front of customers.

With so many social media platforms at our disposal it can be difficult to find out which platforms might be best for a business to use to start to compete for attention & get their product or service in front of customers.

Peter also shares a exercise he and his team use called 'Fish bowling' before they begin working with any new client & explains the importance of this exercise

Finally Peter shares his top tips for businesses considering using digital advertising in 2022 as well as 3 key tips for those interested in developing a career in digital marketing.

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