47 Interview with Cormac Harty

Zero Lives Left Business, Career & Life Podcast

19-01-2020 • 38 min

Not getting paid in Business is hard.  You have delivered an excellent product or service and yet can't get paid.  But Credit Insurance is one way to prevent this from happening.

In this episode, I chat with Cormac Harty from Cormac Harty Insurance who acts as a Consultant in the Insurance Sector.   Cormac chats about what credit insurance is, how it helps and why businesses need to consider it.

We chat a little on the dreaded B (Brexit) word, Cormac shares his thoughts on the UK leaving the EU and we chat about some of the business success stories in the local area.

Cormac also shares his 3 helpful tips for someone considering starting a business in 2020 and he shares some useful tips for Students & Graduates which will help kickstart their career after college or university.

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