54 Interview with Gary Day My Garden of Music

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16-08-2021 • 41 min

In this episode, I chat with Gary Day who runs Garden of Music based in Warrenpoint.

Garden of Music believes that everyone should have lifelong access and opportunities to both music-making and music education. Garden of Music advocate for musical inclusion. They believe everyone is musical and should have equity to opportunities and provision.

This episode was all about finding out more about Garden of Music, the impact it has & how it's helping making music more accessible for everyone.   Founder Gary chats about his early days in music to becoming one of the leading music practitioners in the UK and Ireland, with 20 years’ experience working in accessible and inclusive music-making and education.

Gary talks openly about the importance of making music accessible & as inclusive as possible stating that 'music is in us all'

We also chat about Gary's own business journey in which he shares 3 key tips when it comes to business

  1. Why are you doing it
  2. The importance of Networking
  3. Collobration for Success

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