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63  Brexit, COVID-19, and the Logistics Industry
63 Brexit, COVID-19, and the Logistics Industry
In Episode 63, Wayne sits down with Lyn Warde who owns and operates Transport Compliance NILyn's primary goal is to help companies stay compliant and navigate the complex regulatory landscape. We discuss the challenges that many companies face in the haulage business and share valuable insights on how to overcome them.Lyn's business offers both training and fleet management. Transport Compliance NI educate and train businesses to upskill their staff and provide external support for companies without dedicated compliance teams. Their services include handling compliance tasks, filing, and providing regular updates on a company's compliance status. In a world with increasing regulations, it's essential for businesses to ensure compliance to avoid potential penalties that could jeopardize their livelihoods.But compliance isn't the only topic explored in this episode. Lyn and Wayne also touch on the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy in the transport industry. While digital technology has been embraced by most companies, the feasibility of fully autonomous vehicles is still being questioned. Instead, the focus is shifting towards finding the ideal renewable energy source for heavy-duty vehicles (HGVs), particularly in the context of large HGVs and the debate over using renewable energy.Lyn shares some of their experiences with electric vehicles (EVs) and highlights the logistical challenges of charging infrastructure, especially in rural areas or extreme weather conditions. They express a preference for hydrogen engines as a potential solution for HGVs, although they acknowledge the challenges related to hydrogen storage and transportation.Throughout the episode, Lyn emphasizes the importance of their company's personal approach and their commitment to being easily accessible to clients. They take pride in developing a close relationship with clients, understanding their specific needs, and providing personalized assistance. It's clear that their passion for helping others sets them apart from other companies in the industry.During the interview, Lyn also discusses the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on the transport industry. These recent events have led to challenges such as an increase in paperwork and administration, shortages of drivers, and heightened demand for goods. Nonetheless, Lyn's company remains dedicated to supporting their clients and navigating these obstacles together.In addition to the interview, Lyn offers valuable advice for anyone interested in starting a business or pursuing a career in the HGV space. They share insights on the importance of software progression, driving automation, and the flexible career path that truck driving offers.To connect with Lyn on LinkedIn click here To find out more about Transport Compliance click here
61 The Untapped Potential of Podcasting: Long-Form Content in a Short-Form World
61 The Untapped Potential of Podcasting: Long-Form Content in a Short-Form World
On this episode of Podcast, Wayne welcomes special guest Roger Gowdy to discuss various aspects of podcasting. The episode begins by emphasizing the importance of the recording environment and its impact on sound quality. They stress the need to prioritize the space over simply upgrading equipment. Listeners learn about achieving a dry studio sound, minimizing indirect sound, and maximizing direct sound by adjusting microphone placement.Consistency in podcasting is another topic covered. Wayne and Roger advise using an ideal listener avatar to guide content creation and discuss the significance of building a habit in listeners. They suggest setting a sustainable pace for podcast releases and using series or seasons to allow for batch recording and breaks. They also highlight how podcasting offers long-form content in a short-form-dominated world and allows for in-depth discussions.The episode dives into the role of AI technologies in podcasting, including using AI for planning, and generating guest bios, episode titles, and social media posts. While AI is considered a valuable resource, Wayne and Roger acknowledge its potential drawbacks.The conversation shifts to the current state of the podcasting market. Despite podcasting's popularity, the market is not oversaturated, with fewer than a million actively producing podcasts. They compare this to the number of YouTube channels and blogs, suggesting that starting a podcast now is similar to starting a blog in 2001.Wayne and Roger discuss the future of podcasting, highlighting its decentralized nature and its success in providing long-term content. They also address the role of Spotify in the podcasting landscape, with Spotify's investment and desire for exclusivity raising concerns for some.The episode provides recommendations for podcast hosts, including Buzzsprout, Lipsynch, and Captivate Pod, and advises against relying solely on Spotify. They explain that a podcast host is necessary to distribute episodes to various platforms like Apple podcasts, Google, Amazon Music, and Spotify. The cost of hosting platforms like Buzzsprout is mentioned, as well as the importance of choosing the right equipment and software for podcasting.Wayne emphasizes the importance of carefully considering the podcast concept before investing in equipment and provides questions to guide this decision. He also discusses the gradual growth of podcast listenership and the importance of focusing on creating value for the audience.Listeners are encouraged to take a multiplatform approach in marketing and promoting their podcast, repurposing content into different formats. AI tools like automated transcription are mentioned as helpful resources.Wayne shares information about his own podcast, Zero Lives Left Podcast, its aim to provide inspiration and actionable tips to listeners, and its recent expansion into live broadcasts on social media. Listeners are encouraged to share and rate/review the podcast to help it reach a wider audience.Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical advice for aspiring and existing podcasters, covering topics ranging from sound quality to marketing strategies. Don't miss out on this information-packed episode on kickstarting your podcast.
46 Interview with Kristina Koehler-Coluccia Woodburn Accountants & Advisors
46 Interview with Kristina Koehler-Coluccia Woodburn Accountants & Advisors
Have you ever thought about expanding your Business or Brand overseas?  Ever thought that China or Hong Kong might be a great location?  The Chinese and Hong Kong market has great potential for international businesses seeking to expand and develop business relationships with 1.3 billion consumers in the region.   In this episode, I chat with Kristina Koehler-Coluccia Head of Business Advisory at Woodburn Accountants & Advisors wh specialized in inbound investment to China and Hong Kong. Woodburn Accountants & Advisors offer companies a one-stop shop approach to their corporate service’s needs. They offer market-entry advisory and ongoing corporate, accounting, tax and human resource services.We chat about some of the important things which need to be considered & researched before jumping right in & registering a business. Kristina shares her experience and knowledge on the importance of businesses getting the right advice from the start and ways to protect their business idea or IP.Kristina explains the importance of making a trip across to experience China and Hong Kong, the importance of setting up business meetings in advance, planning and preparation is vital to ensure you get the most out of the trip.  Finally, Kristina shares her top 3 tips for businesses considering expanding into China or Hong and sums up by stating that spending time researching and getting the correct advice will help save time and money in the long run.  She runs regular workshops and webinars to help educate businesses on a number of key topics and suggests those interested to reach out and get in touch.
44 Interview with Adam & George Foxglove Productions
44 Interview with Adam & George Foxglove Productions
In this episode I chat with Adam and George 2 independent video content creators based in Derry & owners of Foxglove Productions.  Both Adam and George met at college and saw a gap in the North West Region to help businesses and brands create cost effective video content with high quality results.  Adam also known on YouTube as IzonHow is a successful You Tube content creator in his own right and has been Vlogging for some time  - I first came across Adam at an event which we both had been speaking at and felt inviting the guys onto the podcast would be a great way to do more of a deep dive into the world of creating effective video content.  We kick off the episode finding out why Adam and George decided to launch their own video content agency and what the motivation was behind it.  Adam explains the key to all video content is about storytelling and that each video not matter how short or long needs to have a start, middle & end.  Adam explains how he uses YouTube as a Vlogger & the steps which he focuses on when create regular videos for this YouTube community and how businesses can tap into the power of video content.George explains what businesses need to think about when it comes to creating video content as he puts it 'Clients should ask themselves what would they say about there business if they where explaining it to someone, explain you're business in a nutshell'If you have enjoyed this episode please don't forget to hit the share button and if you want to find out more information about getting in touch with Adam & George for your next video project check out Foxglove Promotions