Taliban Troubles in Afghanistan

The Tonic Accord

01-07-2021 • 25 min

The United States military is about halfway done with withdrawing the last of its 3,500 American troops from Afghanistan. Over the last two decades, the country has been hit by massacres and violence almost daily. A recent index by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security ranks Afghanistan as the second-worst country to be a woman, just behind Yemen. However, since the US government has helped the Afghan government fight the Taliban, one positive is that Afghan women have gained some more rights and educational opportunities. Unfortunately, with this withdrawal of troops and a lack of mandate from the government in Kabul, the Taliban has taken over 12 regions over the last few months and is circling in on Kabul. General Scott Miller, the US general responsible for the movement of troops out of Afghanistan, worries that the Kabul government could fall in as little as six months after the US leaves. In this episode, Drew and Alex discuss and debate what could happen next. Should the US stay or should it go? Is a viable government even possible in this divided and rural country?