Don't be afraid of challenges, be determined in what you do - Madocke Beer Brewing Company

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27-09-2023 • 25 min

Welcome back to One Grate Conversation.

Recently I spoke with Annelies Nijskens from Madocke Beer Brewing Company here on the Gold Coast, Australia. Her business journey hasn't been a straight forward one which I think makes for an interesting and inspiring conversation of determination and resilience to achieve great things.

From changing industries completely and migrating to Australia from Belgium with the family, having no contacts, not knowing the market, and English as a second language, to then starting a business from her garage and the challenges that posed, to then have the covid pandemic knocking on the front door and navigating the whirlwind that was to follow, I am sure you will be inspired by what she has to share.

And I definitely have profound respect and understanding for her plight as I had my own journey as a small child relocating countries from Bosnia with my parents to Australia and saw the very real challenges they faced to find their feet again once landing on Australian soil.

Thank you for listening.

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