Episode 28: The Authoritarian Racist Personality (ARP)

The Invention of Racism

01-10-2021 • 20 min

Episode Description—In this episode we consider The Authoritarian Racist Personality.

Key words: Racism, Rhineland Germany, J.A. Rogers, Edward Scobie, Ivan Van Sertima, World War I, Afro-German, Nazi Third Reich, Rhineland Bastards, Theodor W. Adorno, The Authoritarian Personality, Else Frenkel-Brunswik, Daniel Levinson, Nevitt Sanford, The Authoritarian Racist Personality (ARP), Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Susan Samples, “African Germans in the Third Reich,” Carol Aisha Blackshire-Belay, The African German Experience, Clarence Lusane, Hitler's Black Victims: The Historical Experiences of European Blacks, Africans and African Americans During the Nazi Era, Benjamin Madley, “From Africa to Auschwitz: How German South West Africa Incubated Ideas and Methods Adopted and Developed by the Nazis in Eastern Europe,” Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out, May Opitz, Katharina Oguntoye, Dagmar Schultz.

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