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Riverside Tales - a WASI podcast

04-08-2023 • 1 min

Hello and welcome to Riverside Tales - a podcast brought to you by the Wildlife Association of South India. WASI (as we are affectionally called) is a not-for-profit society that is engaged in conservation across the mighty Cauvery river basin. Since 1972, members of our society have been exploring and protecting some of richest and rarest biodiversity on the planet, including the endemic Humpback Mahseer. On this channel, we’ll be listening to anecdotes that we’ve collected along the way. Some of them are wild, some are amusing and several are informative and awe-inspiring! But all these stories are true and gathered from members of WASI or from friends of our society.

Over the last 50 years they have observed India’s wildlife, habitats and our collective attitudes towards conservation go through tremendous shifts. By sharing stories of their experiences of India’s wetlands and wilds, we hope that you too will grow to love our wild places a little more. Tune in every first Saturday of the month for a never-heard-before story about the bountiful wildlife we have in India!

Narrated by: Mario Jerome
Produced by: Arvind Raj
Art work: Our River Our Life
Executive director: Naren Sreenivasan & Ananya Doraswamy

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