Of a man, a dog and a leopard - C.V.Gopinath

Riverside Tales - a WASI podcast

02-09-2023 • 12 min

One of the pioneering names in India’s conservation history is that of one Mr. ‘Billy’ Arjan Singh. Like several of his contemporaries, he was a hunter turned conservationist, a lover of the natural world and a key player in India’s conservation history. During his lifetime, he raise several wild cats with the intent to return them to the wild. Tara the Tigress, Prince the Leopard, Harriet the Leopardess and Tiffany the Fishing cat were some amongst his unusual brood. The story you are about to hear is of a unique relationship that Billy shared with Prince and his beloved dog Eelie. The story was recounted by Mr. C.V. Gopinath, an avid wildlife enthusiast himself and a contributor to the Wildlife Association of South India.

Narrated by: Mario Jerome
Produced by: Arvind Raj
Art work: Priyanka Shah
Executive director: Naren Sreenivasan & Ananya Doraswamy

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