10 Words Ending in -LESS

Espresso English Podcast

19-02-2024 • 6 min

Download free PDF + quiz: https://espressoenglish.lpages.co/free-pdf-10-words-ending-in-less/

In English, the suffix -less means “without.” For example, something that is “colorless” is white or transparent; it has no color. Or someone who is “homeless” has no place to live; they are without a home. Some of these words are simple like that, but others are not so obvious - you might be surprised by the definitions of restless and priceless, which we’ll learn in this lesson.

Today we’ll learn 10 English words that end in -less, with example sentences so you can see how they’re used. To practice these words, make sure to download the PDF guide to this lesson because it has a quiz to see if you can use each word in the correct sentence.

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