Accent is not that cute - Ep10 - Think in English

Accent Over Me

17-10-2020 • 18 min

This episode was created to answer a question from my dear friend Daianne Schittino: how could I start to think in English? I really don't know how to answer this and I don't remember when English became so natural to me that I could think in this foreign language, but I realize that I did a lot of little things that helped me a lot to put English into my life more naturally. Besides that, I got some tips from Jason Whiting, a friend of mine and an English native speaker who speaks 9 different languages. Yes, nine! And I found some academic research too that say something about how our imagination and our process of decision making works when we think in a second language! This episode is full of information, right? So, press the play button, and let's learn together!!!


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Hosted by Gabi Freitas, just a Brazillian girl learning English.

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