Ithihasa India History Podcast

Narendra Vikram D

Welcome to Ithihasa, an Indic History Podcast that explores India’s past. I will take you back in time to examine what I think has either been overlooked or misunderstood. I want to nudge People and make them appreciate our past. Want them to be surprised by the fact that the world today isn't much different from the past. And to explore it in a way that hopefully enlightens us. This is my humble attempt to make it easier for you, to learn India's past in small yet manageable chunks and come out of it with a basic understanding that will enable you to form a coherent opinion when confronted with conflicting narratives. India's past is littered with gracious amounts of intrigue, drama, tragedy and glory. I will get my hands dirty for you, by digging through the sands of time. And together we shall unearth and look at the fascinating fossils of India’s rich, painful and glorious past. This podcast will unfold in seasons. Each season will go in depth into different periods of India's history. We will kickoff the show with the first season on the mighty Vijayanagara Empire and follow it up other exciting eras and empires that have lasting impact on the India we know today. Understand how India interacted with rest of the world in our ancient past, how warfare evolved on the subcontinent, how its culture spread & how it infused outside influence. We will go where the history books in school and TRP driven News outlets rarely go. And in the process get in touch with our own civilizational roots and identity. Hopefully we shall discover what it truly means to be an Indian. read less