#23: Is yoga for everyone? And how to go beyond the postures and more into self-acceptance, with Dylan Bernstein.

The Heba Shunbo Podcast

01-03-2022 • 37 min

Yoga is about creating harmony between body, mind and soul; which even after 20 years, I have to honestly admit, I am not even close to achieving. At times, yoga can even feel very much like the opposite of harmony, when all we see on social media is yogis doing handstands, effortless looking backbends, and other contortion type postures. After all these years, I’ve come to the realization that my yoga practice is not a linear path, it’s a reflection of my state of mind and ultimately my self-acceptance.  I talk with Dylan Bernstein, an Ashtanga yoga instructor – a practice that is driven by the breath and postures – about his unwavering commitment to the practice, and what it symbolizes to him. As a teacher, he’s discovered that at times it’s not about the postures at all and rather about connection and self-acceptance. Can we benefit from yoga without a daily practice? Listen more to find out. You can connect with Dylan via his website or his Instagram account.